Tigers Concluding a Successful Scholar Bowl Season


Photography, Kyle Harlow

Varsity scholar bowl starters (pictured left to right) Vance Champion, Caden Green, Cameryn Champion, Gavin Estes, and Nathan Abba sit proudly before starting a match.

Recently, on Monday, March 6th, the Tiger Scholar Bowl team traveled to Carbondale High School for their regional competition. Starting their first conference strong on October 6th, 2022, the team performed impressively in their first match at Carbondale. 


When asked about how he felt about the performance of the Scholar Bowl team this year, Nathan Abba (11) said it was “overall a decent season.” The team is clearly strong throughout their Junior Varsity and Varsity team, and is still hopeful for next year. Mr. Howard, one of the team captains, said he is “really excited for next year”, and the team is “expecting to see tons of trophies next year” as they still have many intelligent students coming up from the Junior Varsity team.


As for physical awards this year, Nathan Abba (11) and Caden Green (10) were both awarded medals for most toss-ups correct.


At regionals, Mr. Howard says it went well. Murphysburo, Marion, and Centralia, all have very good teams, so it was pretty competitive. During their match against Murphysburo, they were dropped with​ the Tigers at 350 points and Murphysburo at 440 points. Even though the Herrin Scholar Bowl team didn’t place first at regionals, it still put the Tiger team in a challenging environment to learn from. With their minds still full of Tiger spirit, the team had a celebratory end-of-season dinner at Pagliai’s, before heading home.


After the season, the official record came to nine wins, not including the off-record matches they won. It’s safe to say the team had concluded an amazing season with some outstandingly smart students.