Stepping Offstage

These last memories are the best ones for the Tigerette and Flag Team.
The Flag and Dance teams squeeze together for a picture.
The Flag and Dance teams squeeze together for a picture.
Photography, Shelly Spruell

On February 10th, the Tigerette Dance Team and the Herrin High School Flag Team were on their way up to Springfield, IL, to compete at state. Both teams worked hard for countless hours to perfect their routines. They worked extremely hard to make each other and their school very proud.


The competition was held at The Bos Center. The teams were there from 7 AM until midnight. In between performances, they were able to have breaks, with the dance team enjoying their much-needed break shopping.


At the end, the judges would announce who would win. Dance received 3rd in their pom routine and would place 4th in Hiphop. Flag placed 1st in lyrical and 2nd in their tall flag performances. Flag team senior Mia Bangs (12) placed 2nd in her solo. She mentioned that there was a lot of great competition and she was extremely saddened that this is her last year performing for Herrin. However, she said, “I was grateful I had the opportunity to go out there and perform.”


This would be these seniors last year performing what were some of their best memories from high school.  Ashlyn Sims (12) said, “Going to Philadelphia and dancing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was my favorite memory.”


Most of the underclassmen on these teams look up to these seniors. Hanna Aponte, a sophomore on the flag team, said, “They are good role models. They taught me how to do a funky fly. I love them lots and I am extremely sad about them graduating.”  Another sophomore on the flag team, Arianna Byrley, stated “I am gonna miss them so much. They are so sweet and kind. They taught me so many wonderful things [and] talked me through so many things.”


Each of these dancers has made such a strong bond with each other, this shows how much they have supported each other and will continue to support what they do. The main part of each performance is the bond of the team members behind it.


Both of these teams show that with hard work and dedication, they can accomplish anything. They would practice almost daily to get all of their routines and perfect condition, even showing students their amazing performances during the halftime of our boys’ basketball and football games. Without these amazing dancers, there would be no spectacular performances to watch. Congratulations to the dance team and flag team for doing incredible and making their school very proud.

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