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Herrin High School’s Archery Team is proud to have grown and matured over this year!
The Flying Tigers in Action.
The Flying Tigers in Action.
Photography, Christina Tuthill)

Many would be surprised to learn of the Flying Tigers, as most students would not associate archery with a high school sport.  Nevertheless, the Flying Tigers have done extraordinarily well for themselves, not only succeeding in their events but also in growing archery’s popularity in a region that, admittedly, requires it.  This school year, under Mr. Jason Hale, the HHS Flying Tigers is proud to have doubled in size and to have added two additional coaches.


Just recently, they have played their double shootout—where an archer chooses an adult companion to come and compete against the other team members and their partners.  Additionally Mr. Hale stated that the Flying Tigers has “added a staff shootout where one staff member from each school comes to compete.” Mr. Hap has won the last two years for the high school and he has the traveling trophy in his office.


Past this, the Flying Tigers are preparing for state, in which they are feeling confident.  Last year, the Flying Tigers sent four archers but Mr. Hale says they could send more this year, though they will not know till the first week of March. 


The coaches are very proud of the archers’ performances this season, noting immense improvements in the more mental aspects of archery (such as patience, the ability to adjust and to shake off a bad shot).  These mental parts make up a greater part of the sport than any physical section.  


The Flying Tigers started with forty archers, but this coming school year they are opening the team up to sixty.  It is clear that with additional coaches, players, and activities, the Flying Tigers will continue to thrive as an HHS sport that anyone–regardless of their physical prowess—could learn and succeed in.  


The Flying Tigers offers an opening community and, in the words of Jaxon Hale, “It’s a lot of fun.  Come out and give it a try.  You might like it.”

In an area of land connected deeply with hunting, archery can be useful and fun.  It is good for teaching necessary life skills that all students can benefit from.  Though it takes time and energy, archery is a sport that presents many rewards and the Flying Tigers are making great strides in drawing these to Herrin High School.


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