Making History

The girls basketball team makes school history by winning regionals against Marion.
Girls regionals against Carbondale.
Girls regionals against Carbondale.
Photography, Allison Swiatkowski

This year the 2023-2024 Girls Basketball team did outstanding. Here’s the wrap-up and overall look at the season, as well as advice for underclassmen looking to join.


Over the whole season, the girls had 11 losses and 23 wins, including regionals vs Marion! The girls have done fantastic, their coach Jacob Emling is “thrilled with the season…[the] girls worked hard and improved so much from last year to this year. Winning a regional was a huge accomplishment for them!” (Emling) And coach isn’t the only one who’s proud of their regional win, the players also think it was a game to be proud of, being “down 12 points in the first quarter…[and fighting] hard to come back and win that game to become regional champions.” (Emling) As it turns out, “This was the first regional championship in girls’ basketball since 2010, and the first-ever regional championship in school history for girls basketball in class 3A” which is truly amazing for our girls, congratulations to them! (Emling)


The girls have done very well this season and are rightfully proud of themselves. All of them were rather pleased with the season of victory, even going as far as to say it was “one of [their] best seasons.” and that as a team they’ve “played together for a while” making for a tight-knit bond. (Cayle Ward and Karli Mann) This information only makes it all the more sad that the team is losing their four seniors after graduation: Lexi Pickles, Jersey Summers, Janiya Harrison, and Karli Mann. The seniors are also leaving behind some advice for the underclassmen and any future players who may like to join the team. The general consensus is that although the team requires hard work, it’s a lot of fun and they recommend that if you’re interested you should give it a shot! 


On a more positive note, the current underclassmen (soon to be upper) are very excited about the next season and the opportunities it presents. They’ll be able to “play more,” help out the team, build on their experience from this year, hopefully continue their victory, and most importantly, have fun. (Ward) According to their players, the coaches are great and I hope in the future that they continue to help their team grow and flourish as student athletes.


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