Book and Cinema Club: AMC and B&N

The Book and Cinema Club took a trip to the theater and the bookstore.
Club members pose for a picture outside Barnes and Noble, showing off their books and coffee.
Club members pose for a picture outside Barnes and Noble, showing off their books and coffee.
Photography, Ms. Johnson

Recently on April 2nd, the HHS Book and Cinema Club took their 3rd annual all-day field trip to indulge in both books and cinema. The itinerary included seeing the newest Ghostbuster movie, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, in theaters at Carbondale AMC in the morning with snacks and drinks provided, for lunch, traveling to Don Sol across the street, and then going back to Barnes and Noble to shop till they dropped!

Beginning with Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, students arrived at the theater in the morning and were provided with a snack pack, including popcorn, a drink, and candy. The movie itself was comedic with some high-quality detailed ghosts! 

Once the movie was over, they headed to lunch and returned later to Barnes and Noble. There, they got to spend $30 each on books for the HHS library, altogether totaling $500 worth of new books; the money coming from the funds collected from book fines. Along with the $30, students were also given $15 gift cards to use for their purchases, earned through their hard work at the concession stand.

 The librarian, Ms. Johnson, quite enjoyed the trip and finds it important to “have a mixture of books curated by librarians and teenagers,” she says “it makes for a more diverse collection.” Ms. Jackson, as well, enjoys the book and cinema club with its trips, saying it “improved [her] well-being.”

Not only did the sponsors enjoy the trip, but the students as well. Kady for one, plans to continue being in the club all 4 years of her highschool career, saying it has helped her “make friends” since its a “small group… it’s easy.”

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