The Understanding to Childcare

Parenting, Childhood Development, and Tiger paws which one will you choose?
Students caring for their simulation babies
Students caring for their simulation babies
Photography, Cadence Schuyler

Parenting, Childhood Development, and Tiger paws are classes that teach responsibility, honesty, compassion, and, most importantly, caregiving. The classes will teach you the importance of learning about child care.

Mrs. George teaches all these classes and puts all of her hard work into each class preparing students for life.

Parenting is designed to help students think through the responsibilities, satisfactions and the stress of parenthood. Students will learn how to deal with guiding children, types of parenting, and health and safety.  Parenting is learning of what will happen if a child is not raised correctly, and then you will learn how to correctly raise a child, how they develop, how they learn, and if a child has a disability.

Students will also go through baby simulations which have students acting as parents and giving the baby constant care, which consists of feeding, changing, and burping the baby.

Childhood Development provides comprehensive introduction to content related to the growth and development of a child. This will help students understand child development a lot more. Students will have to learn about sickness in pregnancy, and learn of what happens while babies are still developing in the womb. Students will even be able to wear an empathy belly to have the simulation of being pregnant. It will help students learn how to take care of infants.

Tiger Paws for students looking for childcare education will involve taking care of children, career opportunities, team building, and human relationships. It involves teaching the children science, art, math, and social aspects. This class involves a lot of communication, compassion and responsibility. Students are able to be hands-on and even teach the children.

These classes can help students to achieve more knowledge and experience in some careers, like childcare, teaching, and even nursing can help achieve more knowledge and experience. If interested in these fields, go ahead and join today!

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