Educators Rising in Triumph

Future educators win some high ranking prizes!
Educators Rising club members giving a grand smile after a great win.
Educators Rising club members giving a grand smile after a great win.
Photography, Amanda Hickman

Education Rising is a club for students looking into a career in student education. Ms. Hickman and Mrs. George started the club just last year. It is for all sophomores, juniors, and seniors who want to join. 

Even though this is their second year of being a club, the students competed for the first time in March. They placed 1st place in the bulletin board design competition, 2nd place in the Create and Teach competition, 2nd place in the Poster Contest, and Herrin, as a whole, also participated in a team-based challenge in which they were awarded a trophy.

This challenge requested the students develop a policy for the Herrin school board about students using AI. Allison Swiatkowski, Dani Patalano, Mia Bangs, and Chyanne Ballard were the team to place first.  Maddi Griffin, Alayna Jarvis, Mia Bamgs, and Allison Swiatkowski got second in the Create and Teach competition. Ava Pribble, Rylee Rady, Ayalah John, and Gigi George placed second in the Poster contest. 

When Ms. Hickman was asked how she thought they were going to do in the upcoming years, she said she was very excited and could not wait for the future. Ms. Hickman says that she plans on many other students joining Education Rising. She says that as a teacher, the career is very serious but they are serious about their future so they can handle it well.

She hopes that the students in Education Rising will grow up to be fine teachers, and wish that one day they could return to Herrin High School to teach. Hopefully, their futures and education careers will be as successful as their competition this year!

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