Welcome to the Circus

Students from Herrin High School’s art classes have grouped together to show off fashion made of recyclable materials.
Both teams smiling for a picture.
Both teams smiling for a picture.
Photography, Cadence Schuyler

Trash the Runway is an event created last year by the art community of Marion High School. It would consist of a theme with this year being a circus theme. This would be the first year that Herrin would be attending this event.


Team Clowning around with their beautiful creation. (Photography, Cadence Schuyler)


 There were two teams from Herrin. The first team, Clowning Around, would consist of B Boyd (12),  Allie Hancock (12), HD Rickartd12), and Kat Weaver (12) working as the model. The second team ”Not My Circus Not My Monkey”  would consist of Rin Odom(11) and Mattaya Clayborn(11) as the model.


Team Not My Circus Not My Monkey with their amazing creation.
(Photography, Cadence Schuyler)


Mrs.Bleyer would bring up the idea to a few of her crafts students to see if they are interested in completing such a task by getting told about the project after Christmas break the due date of February 23 would soon arrive. Both teams would run into the bus heading over to Marion High School to compete. Each team would have to make a food accessory  on the spot, this would show that they made the outfit


There would be over 6 schools attending with tons of amazing art being shown in a fashion show-like style. The team Clowning Around won the best-fit theme which is a huge win and they should be extremely proud  With each school being very supportive of everyone’s work the auditorium was full of excitement to see everyone’s designs. 


Team Clowning Around winning their award!
(Photography, Cadence Schuyler)


For countless months these extremely talented students have been working on these outfits by taking time out of their assignments or even staying a bit after school to reach the deadline. They all should be extremely proud to make such beautiful pieces of art. 

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