Students Teaching Students

FCCLA takes a trip to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Tot Land, and Herrin Elementary School.


Photography, Amber George

The Tiger Paws class after a long day of teacher shadowing.

Tiger Paws is a college credit daycare class hosted by Amber George. Juniors and seniors who plan on becoming educators join this class to form their own ways of teaching. These future leaders spend the months of August and September studying the different ways of teaching preschoolers and how to gain their full attention. 


On September 18 and 19, children from ages 3-5 came to the High School for registration. While their parents registered them, the student teachers took the kids to the gym for physical education then back to the child care room for snack time. The High School students were all assigned different jobs for the day. Jobs assigned included being in charge of nutrition break and being the lead teacher, registration clerk, or door greeter.


The following week, the Tiger Paw teachers visited Our Lady of Mt.Carmel, Tot Land, and Herrin Elementary School to shadow how children ranging from ages 1-11 are taught in different school settings. “My favorite curriculum is kindergarten because they can learn a lesson without losing focus” said second year Tiger Paws teacher, Morgen Calcaterra (12). 


The Tiger Paws class and FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) are linked with many students. These club members will be attending the Fall Leadership Conference at Southern Illinois University Carbondale on October 29. There, they will learn how to develop better leadership skills.