Students Coming Together in Fellowship

Making the School a Better Place, One Club at a Time.


Project 7 is a club that allows students to study God’s word and make connections towards one another.

Everyday, there are students who struggle to find an environment in which they can express themselves. Whether it takes place at school or at home, individuals form these thoughts due to others placing their judgements. 


Since we attend a public school, there are many people who have become quick to argue their dissimilar views. This can make students feel as though they do not have any religious freedom. However, the First Amendment states that “there is no law prohibiting the exercise of religion.” 


It is important that students feel safe in their learning environment. That is why there is a wide range of clubs here at Herrin High School. 


Starting Thursday December 12 from 3:05-3:30, J.T. Lewis will be sponsoring Project 7, a bible study club hosted by Kaitlyn Rutherford (12) in the band room. “There will be snacks, friendship, fellowship, and fun,” said Rutherford. With this new club, students no longer have to fear expressing their religion at school. “I like leading this club because whether students are going through a tough time or not, it helps them to find encouragement and provides them with an opportunity to make new friends,” stated Rutherford. Students are welcome to join at any time. 


Ask yourself, are you seeking a purpose? This club may help you find a deeper meaning to life itself.