Keep Calm and Bowl On

The Girls Bowling team prepares for their season opening

Starting off the bowling season right at Herrin Bowl.

Starting off the bowling season right at Herrin Bowl.

Bowling is a team oriented sport that helps individuals gain several different skills, because of that, new bowlers are always encouraged. The girls team held their tryouts at Herrin Bowl on Monday, November 18, and Tuesday, November 19. It was soon found out that Amaris Williams (9), Katelyn Davis (9), Natalie Coleman (9), Jaylan Blake (11), Julia Mohr (11), and Lucia Reguero Martinez (11) successfully made the team. These bowlers will be working strenuously until the month of February to not only improve themselves but each other as well. Since bowling involves a high amount of teamwork and dedication, these girls will have a blast while also forming a close bond towards one another. 


“I never thought I would be a bowler. Last year Jaylan and I were recruited because the whole team was about to graduate and with time, we improved our skills. Joining the team has been the best choice I have ever made!” stated Mohr. She explained her excitement and hopefulness for the season as she spoke with us.


These girls will be practicing continuously to train for their first match against the Marion High School bowlers. After building up the skills they had before tryouts, the team will have their first match on December 3 at Herrin Bowl.