Review: Pinocchio


Photography, Disney+

Disney released yet another live action movie. What is it this time? The movie that taught us not to tell a lie otherwise we’d grow a huge nose on our face. You guessed it! The new Pinocchio remake of an animated Disney classic occupies a creative middle ground between remaining true to its beloved roots while also aiming to be fresh for modern audiences.


Robert Zemeck’s reinvention is faithful to the Italian children’s novel and the 1940 original film, but it also features new songs and some new pop culture references.  This movie had a lot of moments that just hit you right in the heart. “…Memory may hold the key to feeling how I felt when he was here with me” (Geppetto) felt like the perfect way to wrap up feelings of loss. Our memories are what carry on forever and can make something we love live on every day in our lives.


On the other hand there are quite a few people who say that this movie is playing it safe when it comes to a remake, which is why it doesn’t have the best reviews.  The new director stuck to the original director’s thought process of children being inclined to foolishness and self-serving fibs.  


Overall though, it’s hard not to love a good classic Disney movie that you’ve grown up with. We can take some of the things said in the movie into our society today and use them. For instance: “The most important part about being real isn’t what you’re made of… it’s about what’s in your heart.” People are hung up on being what everyone else wants them to be instead of just being themselves. I think that this movie is definitely not the best Disney remake movie of all time, but it is still a good movie to watch with family and friends.