Prom Trends of 2024: Easter Dress or Classic Dress?

With new trends emerging every year, Herrin High School students have their own opinions on what is in and out.
New prom trends means that boutiques such as the one pictured have to keep up with what students are interested in all year round.
New prom trends means that boutiques such as the one pictured have to keep up with what students are interested in all year round.
Photography, Madisyn Ahne

What do you prefer? Ruffles or bows? Patterns or solids? Whatever it is, there are many options for different prom outfits during this prom season. 

However, the biggest prom controversy this year is the “Easter” dresses or more “traditional” prom dresses. The Easter dresses usually include flowy fabrics with dainty patterns such as florals or more watercolor patterns. The more traditional dresses are poofy, big, and bold with many different types of sequins, sparkles, and glam. 

B Boyd (12) comments that “Prom is one of your extremely rare chances to dress like the pretty princess you wanted to be as a child”, so while the more dainty dresses are pretty, B believes the traditional dresses are the way to go. 

However, Allie Hancock (12) “just [prefers] the way the flowery poofy dresses look” and finds the dainty dresses “[fit her] personality and [her] style better”. 

Even Ms. Hickman, the sponsor for the prom committee, thinks that the easter dress trend is her favorite, saying she loves it when there is a “pivot from what is expected.”

Other trends are also showing up on social media and in boutiques across the country. One of the biggest trends currently is the surge of ruffles, bows, and lace; due to the new “coquette” trend on TikTok and other social media, a more feminine and dainty aesthetic is taking over prom dress sellers across the country. 

Another trend is the addition of sparkles in every type of dress, traditional or otherwise. Whether it is embedded in the fabric, sprinkled in hair, or used as a makeup look, sparkles and gems are used in a multitude of looks. 

In a prom survey taken by HHS students, a whopping 73.7% of students surveyed prefer sparkles over sequins. 

In the suit realm, more patterns and interesting colors have been popping up in people’s “for you pages”. Matching with a date or not, suit wearers have taken a chance to open up the suit realm to new and interesting takes on designs suits. 

Even so, HHS students preferred the traditional suits in a 61.2% decision with fun suits having a 24.1% rate. 

Overall, prom is a diverse event, full of dresses and suits of all shapes and patterns. However the scales weigh, students will be looking beautiful and elegant at prom. 

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