Uggs For the Fashionable

“When the feet are comfortable, so is the mind, body, and soul.” -Donald J Pliner.
Tazz Uggs being newly and fashionably modeled
Tazz Uggs being newly and fashionably modeled
Photography, Ella Holthaus

When you wear shoes, are you looking for comfort or style? Well, it seems Uggs Tazz Slippers have it both. The Uggs Tazz Slippers, or Tazz’s have become increasingly popular these past few months. More and more teenage girls have bought them, but what causes them to be so popular? 


When it comes to comfort, these shoes have it. The inside of the shoes is covered head to toe in a fluffy fleece. Many people enjoy this also for the fact they don’t necessarily have to wear socks, they are advised though for sanitary reasons. This allows for your feet to keep warm for this cooler season. 


Let’s not forget about the style as well. Uggs come in many different forms, but the Tazz’s are by far the most bought. They come in three different colors, being black, chestnut, and sand. Although the chestnut is very highly bought in the industry, it is shown that the sand made a huge rise over Christmas. Izzy Brown (11) stated “The shoes have never been more for me. I wear them almost every day. They go with every outfit!”


If you are looking for long-lasting shoes, these are a great investment for you. These shoes can last up to 20 years without breaking, this is, of course, as long as you can take good care of them. 


The most talked about flaw in these shoes, however, has nothing to do with style or comfort. It is the price. When it comes to ordering them for women, they come to about $130. The kids’ shoes come to $90. It’s the same shoes, just different sizes. Many have said they buy the shoes in the kids’ size so they can save money. This is a pretty smart move (as long as you have tiny feet).


The shoes, overall, have great reviews. They don’t often get bad reviews, but another highly talked about one is the fact they are not waterproof. It can permanently damage the shoes. The color, after the shoes absorb water, tends to change. As long as you make sure not to completely drench them in water then they tend to be okay. 


Shoes are a very big part of everyone’s outfits. When it comes to walking all day, whether it is because of school, work, or sports shoes provide the walking necessities. Although Uggs might not be for sports life, they are a good option for style and comfort for public activities.

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