The Satire of a State Champion.

A true journalist knows how to remain neutral, show both sides of a story, and WIN STATE TITLES.


Photography, Sami Goetting

Rylie Patrick wins IHSA State in Editorial Cartooning

Rylie Patrick won FIRST PLACE at IHSA STATE in Editorial Cartooning on Friday, April 22, 2022. The artistic talent and satirical comic that lies within this student was the perfect concoction for this category. As her teacher and adviser, I knew she would exceed her expectations. 

IHSA Journalism State was initiated in 2006. It has grown exponentially over the past 17 years, with the exception of 2020 when we could not hold the state series.  Forty-eight different Tiger Journalists have competed and placed during the IHSA state sectionals, some at multiple events and throughout multiple years. From these talented Tiger Journalists, 35 events have advanced to IHSA State. Herrin High has advanced to IHSA Journalism State for eleven, and medaled in four of those years. 

I had the honor of taking over the Tiger publications when I started teaching at Herrin High in 2013. At the time, I had no idea IHSA existed or what our records were. I really didn’t have any statistical records given to me, period. So, as any teacher would do, I started researching. I am competitive, afterall. I had to know all the amazing talent that walked through our publication doors. This also made me hyper-aware that Herrin, itself, is in the dark on just how successful and hardworking our Tiger Journalists are. I felt with Rylie bringing home the gold today, it was a perfect opportunity to shine light on the legacy ranks she is joining. 

From 2006 through 2008, IHSA statistics were recorded differently; however, from the information available, the following Herrin High students have medaled and advanced to IHSA State: 


2022: 4th Overall at Sectionals*

Maddie Jeralds 2nd YB Theme Development

Alysah Charlet 2nd Photography

Rylie Patrick 3rd Editorial Cartooning

Jacob Hawk & Ashlynn Harris 3rd Video News


2021: Abby Smith 2nd YB Theme Development

Alysah Charlet 2nd Photography

Kelsey King 3rd Copy Editing


2020: No State Series – COVID


2019: 5th Overall at Sectionals*

Xun Liu 1st Infographics

Gina Wagley & Olyvia England 1st YB Theme Development

Jakob MIlani 2nd Sports Writing

Xun Liu 3rd YB Copy Writing


2018: Xun Liu 1st Infographics

Sydney Lewis 2nd Advertising

Sophia Davie 3rd Editorial Cartooning

Bryndle Burks 3rd Photography


2017: Kara Billingsley 3rd Advertising


2016: Quentin Shaw 2nd Photography


2010: Rachel Young 3rd Copy Editing


2009: Amanda Weiland 1st Feature Photography

Gloria Tucker 2nd News Writing

Andrew Siefert 3rd Review Writing


2008: Annie Pittman Editorial Writing

Catherine Siefert News Writing

Amanda Wieland Photography

Dylan Frost Review Writing


2007: Annie Pittman Editorial Writing

Elizabeth Hileman Feature Writing

Elizabeth Hileman News Writing

Gloria Tucker Sports Writing

Dustin Houston Review Writing


2006: Annie Pittman Editorial Writing

Elizabeth Hileman Feature Writing

Elizabeth Hileman News Writing

Caty Siefert Sports Writing

Brennan Falker Review Writing


In 2007, Elizabeth Hileman put Herrin on the board and medaled THIRD in state for Feature Writing. In 2008, Annie Pittman grabbed the first FIRST in state for Editorial Writing. Herrin wouldn’t place at state again until 2021 when Abby Smith took home THIRD in Yearbook Theme Development and Alysah Charlet pulled a fifth AT STATE in Photography.

Which brings us to today… Rylie Patrick, WELCOME to the IHSA JOURNALISM STATE medalist bracket at Herrin High School.  

If anyone is deserving of a first place finish, it is this student. She is always willing and ready to learn or tackle any new task on a moment’s notice. When I told her I was putting her in Editorial Cartooning, her face demonstrated that she thought I was crazy. However, as Rylie does, she suits up and makes the best of whatever she is tasked to do. At SISPA’s Winter Conference (Southern Illinois Student Press Association… stats for another post) she took second place in Editorial Cartooning and chuckled at herself. At IHSA State Sectionals she grabbed a third and advancing place in Editorial Cartooning, at which she looked at me and said I hope the state topic is more political. She asked, she received, she capitalized. 

Congratulations, Rylie. Having you as a student has been an amazing blessing. I am so grateful you chose to spend this last year of your high school career going crazy over deadlines and articles with me and our program. 

Congratulations to all student journalists that competed today. Advancing to IHSA State is an honor you should be proud to have accomplished.

Every year I am inspired by the teens that keep showing up, keep listening to both sides of an issue, keep pushing for a voice. Thank you, especially to my Tiger “Journalims.”




As I am still compiling other information, if you or someone you know was a Tiger Journalist between the years of 2006- 2013, please send me any details you have. I will also be creating a running log of ALL Tiger Journalist competitors in the near future. Stay tuned.