Senior Superlative: Class Clown


Iverson Brown is a senior at HHS.  Voted “class clown” for the class of 2021 senior superlatives,  he feels as though his peers chose him for this title because he is always goofing around and enjoys seeing those around him laugh.  Iverson is on the HHS football team and when he is not playing or practicing,  he enjoys hanging out with his friends.  To get through a difficult senior year, Iverson always has a smile on his face and is trying to keep everyone around him laughing by being silly, making the best out of any situation he is put in.


Hannah Bramlett is a senior at HHS.  She was voted “class clown” for the class of 2021 senior superlatives.  She feels as though her peers chose her for the title because she is witty and always down for a good laugh.  She likes to spend her free time with friends and driving around. In order to get through  a difficult senior year, Hannah is  always looking for opportunities to be herself and of course any and every chance to get a good laugh out of someone, especially her friends.