Zero Hero, Does It Really Motivate Students?


On November 2nd and November 3rd HHS held their first quarter Zero Hero celebration! During this celebration, every zero hero got to make their very own ice cream sundae! A zero hero is a student who has zero unexcused tardies, zero detentions, and zero unexcused absences for the whole quarter. The Zero Hero celebrations are used to make students want to go to school, get to class on time, and stay out of trouble. Madeline Boyd states, “It gives me something to look forward to for my achievement.” Every student that was involved had a great time and was very excited to get their treat. 

There are students who prefer the ice cream sundaes over what they did for some of the celebrations last year and were happy to be a part of it. Bre Burton states, “The ice cream was worth it.” Zero Hero also shows students who miss a lot of school or get detentions of what they are missing out on when they don’t get their absences excused and stay out of trouble. 

Even though the students that got to participate in this event were excited and happy there are also students who weren’t excited at all because they didn’t get to be included due to absences being unexcused.  Ace Lentz says, “I was upset because I thought I made it and I wanted to enjoy the ice cream.” 

Although, there are many students that do enjoy zero hero and want to be able to get rewards for their accomplishments; there are still students who don’t really have an opinion on it and it wouldn’t bother them if the school didn’t have it at all. Jayda Webb states “I don’t think zero hero can be used to get kids to go to school, because getting a reward shouldn’t rely on your ability to be there.”  

Even with some students not being able to be a zero hero everytime and some students saying they wouldn’t mind not having the reward at all, this celebration is still a great incentive for most students and it’s something they can look forward to throughout the school year.