Herrin High School’s All-School Celebration


Photography, Nevaeh Thetford

The winning team of the dodgeball tournament poses for a photo.

On November twenty-second, HHS held its annual All-School Celebration. The celebration occurred the afternoon before Thanksgiving break. It was an exciting and enjoyable time for students and teachers and it allowed them to take a break from schoolwork and have some fun. There were three different activities featured at the celebration: a dodgeball tournament, a showing of Top Gun: Maverick, and a plethora of games in the commons. The dodgeball tournament included teams that students formed, and even a team of teachers! The students who were not playing had the opportunity to spectate and were allowed to switch between the three activities. Concessions were also offered during this time so that they could get snacks and drinks to enjoy while switching between the activities. 


Ms. Lach, a science teacher, said that she decided to join the dodgeball tournament because “it sounded like fun,” and because some of her “favorite” students were playing. Finn Rowley was one of the many students who chose to watch the dodgeball tournament instead of participating in the other activities. He stated that he thought it would be “more entertaining,” and that it was a “good time to hang out with friends.” 


Even with many teams competing, there could only be one winner. Brisdon Quaglia, a member of the winning team originally decided to join because it was his brother’s team. He told us, “Before the game, it felt like light work because no one out there was better than me,” and when asked his feelings on winning, he said, “I feel normal you could say, winning is a habit. Back-to-back powderpuff champ, back-to-back dodgeball champ.”


Xander Lentz, who spent his time in the commons playing games, said that his favorite part was “everything after the start, but [his] favorite games were Borderlands 2 and F1 2021.” Brawlhalla, Smash Bros, and Modern Warfare II were also set up, along with some board games, and even a VR headset. 


The majority of students agreed that the celebration was something fun to look forward to during the school year. Kaylee Bell felt that it was “beneficial to students and teachers,” because it gives them “a minute to relax.” All together, most students had a fantastic time and enjoyed themselves before having a much-needed break.