Restaurant Review: IHOP

“Come Hungry, Leave Happy.”


Photography, Jazmin Lentz

On February 2, I had the opportunity to try IHOP to see if the famous International House of Pancakes is still worth the time and money. 


 When first entering the restaurant, it is easy to smell the strong aroma of breakfast and dinner foods mixing together in the air. There were only two servers in the whole restaurant and only a small portion of the tables were open. The tables that were not available were completely cleared off and the chairs were on top of them. It only took us a few seconds to be seated at our table and the waiter immediately took our drink orders. I ordered hot chocolate while my friend ordered water. The hot chocolate was the perfect temperature and had the exact right amount of chocolate, it also had a lot of whipped cream which made it even better. 


 The server brought the food out quickly, as there were only three other people in the restaurant. All of the food looked really good, and the presentation was very nice. The mozzarella sticks had just the right amount of crunch and the cheese inside was super gooey and stretchy. The crepes were very tasty and pleasing to the eye.  The food was delicious, and had enough cream and strawberries to get both in every bite. My friend enjoyed eating her fries, but as soon as she tried the chicken she looked disappointed. After looking, it was obvious they were actually over cooked. Besides the chicken, everything tasted amazing. Overall, the experience was nice.