There is 1 Imposter Remaining

“Among Us” Takes Over Gaming Scene


Crewmates sit around a couch playing their own game.

Everyone is always looking for a new game to play because sometimes the ones we have get boring. In this case, Among Us, came to save the day for us bored gamers. Among Us is far from being the newest game that came out. It has been out since June of 2018 and it just now became popular, if this doesn’t show that persistence is key, I don’t know what does. 


Among Us is a strategic game where there are supposedly 10 crewmates but “among us”  there are 1-3 imposters. In order to win as a crewmate you have to try and complete all your tasks before the imposter(s) kill all the crewmates. To win as the imposter, you and your other imposter teammate(s) have to work together to kill all the crewmates while still trying to blend in and lie to not be “sus” as the kids like to say. During the game if you come across a dead body you are supposed to report it. After you report the body, all people still alive have around 90 seconds to discuss and try to figure out who the imposters are. 


It is a very strategic game that takes a lot of brain power causing some new “sayings” to come with it including “big wrinkle brain” when you make a very good play, and “smooth brain” when you make an absolutely terrible play. This game has become super popular in recent weeks and it’s still going strong to this day. When Among Us was first released it only averaged 30 to 50 people who played on the servers but 2 years later the game hit it’s all time high at a whopping 438,524 players. People, including myself, have been absolutely loving this game. It’s a nice, fun game that up to 10 friends can play together. If you ever need a game to play with a bunch of friends and want to lie and deceive each other, Among Us is definitely the game to play. 


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