Junior: Layla Wade


Layla Wade

Layla Wade is a junior at HHS. She has attended all honors banquets and achieved her first year in the National Honor Society. She also played on the school’s volleyball, basketball, and track teams. Her sports teams have accomplished the All-Conference tournament in basketball during her sophomore and junior year, the All-South tournament her junior year, the All tourney team for the Marion shootout twice, and the West Frankfort Mid-Winter twice. 


Pep rallies, morning jam sessions in the school parking lot, student section themes, being surrounded by her favorite people, and her second-hour med lab has been Wade’s favorite aspects of high school so far. 


Wade has spent her quarantine doing lots of outside activities, such as running, laying in the hammock, and reading outside. During this time, she will miss Bailey Hudgens, Julia Mohr, Madisyn Blankenship, Missy Donahue, Macy Parks, Mrs. Ohms, Mrs. N, Mrs. Loyd, and Ms. Hickman. She will also miss her junior track season, sports/honors banquets, the SAT, and the last day of her junior year. 


**Disclaimer: All information is provided by the showcased individual.

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