Senior: Shelby Zinsmaster


Shelby Zinsmaster is a senior at Herrin High. Following her final year, she plans to attend SIUC to join the Healthcare Management Program.


Zinsmaster’s favorite aspects of high school have been being around her fellow students, seeing her friends, having amazing teachers, learning face-to-face in her classes, and other school activities.


During quarantine, Zinsmaster has spent her days sleeping in and dedicating her time to schoolwork and house chores.


Zinsmaster will especially miss Allison Owens, her AP Rhetoric class, Mrs. Hickman, Riley Brown, Abigail Wheatley, Mr. Pappenfuss, and Mr. Shurtz. 


During this time, she is trying very hard to get used to this tough time and accepting that her last year of high school has been canceled.


**Disclaimer: All information is provided by the showcased individual.


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