Tiger Treasures

A new club dedicated to helping those in need


Photography, Hayley Franklin

Herrin High welcomes a new club, Tiger Treasures, which was created by Elizabeth Waybright (11)

Tiger Treasures is a new club at our school. What is it, you may ask? It is a club focused on collecting donations of food, money, clothes, toiletries, and more for those in need. Elizabeth Waybright (11) decided to create this club to help her fellow classmates who do not have the necessities that a typical student needs in their day-to-day life. “I wanted to organize this club because I thought it was very unfair that some students have everything while others are barely getting by.” She also encouraged all to be involved.


When she first decided that she wanted to organize the Tiger Treasures club, she spoke with the principal, vice principal, and the school social worker. She asked English and Journalism teacher, Samantha Goetting to be the sponsor of the club, who said, “I feel that it is a club that is beneficial to not only the members but also to those who receive the funds.” Waybright reached out to the staff, and she asked many people if they would like to join. After taking a poll of those interested in joining, she formed a list of potential club members. So far, ten people have been interested in joining Waybright’s new club, and many more will surely join once they hear about it!


Goetting gave many reasons as to why students should join Tiger Treasures,“It benefits their alumni, and it teaches the importance of philanthropy. Also, it looks good on college applications and resumes.” These are all good reasons for anyone interested to join.


As of right now, the first meeting does not have a set date due to scheduling conflicts, however, those who want to join should keep an eye out for any flyers that may be posted soon, or listen to announcements in case it is said on there.


This new club is sure to bring students closer together in the future, and it will hopefully teach many the importance of giving. For Waybright, her hopes for it are “to be able to help Herrin High School connect with its students.” So, join or help out this new club to help in making the future of our town and school an even kinder, and more inclusive place.

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