Who are YOU Voting For?


Photography, Dylan Felty


With the upcoming elections on November 4th, politics are getting heated. With commercials all over our televisions to postcards coming in the mail, we have many options to choose from including our current governor J.B. Pritzker (D) and rival Darren Bailey (R). We are seeing many new faces in these upcoming ballots including retired meteorologist from WSIL News 3, Jim Rasor. Tammy Duckworth (D) is running for U.S Senate for the second time against rival Kathy Salvi (R).


This election is the midterm election. These kinds of elections are held when it is the middle of the president’s term. Many positions are filled during these elections like new Governor, Secretary of State, Senate positions, and Lieutenant Governor. All of these positions are very valuable when it comes to important decisions for the state and for Congress. The Governor calls all the shots for the state but it is helped determined by his or her team. The secretary of state issues driver’s licenses, registers vehicles, and administers the state’s literacy efforts. The Lieutenant Governor leads as Governor when the Governor is absent and automatically becomes Governor if something were to happen to them. They are like a Vice President. The Senate positions pass bills into law, approves the state budget, and proposes constitutional amendments for the state they are representing.


Now for the fun stuff… how to vote in the elections! When an election is upon us, advertisements are sent out asking people for votes. A mail-in ballot will usually be sent through the mail but some people choose to go in person. If you do vote in person, voting places will be sent out or announced. On Election Day, schools will be out and businesses will be closed. Go to the voting booths and vote for who you’d think would be the best candidate. Make your voice known!


Happy Voting!