Team Brad


Photography, Dylan Felty

Senior Brad Murray smiles for his photo.

Brad Murray is a senior here at Herrin High School. He is a history fanatic, and he plays on our very own football team. Brad is someone you can always go to if you need someone to talk to. He never judges, and he always makes you feel good. Anytime you need a good laugh, Brad is always there with a joke or a sarcastic comment. But most importantly, he’s a friend to everyone at HHS.


On November 29th, we received the devastating news that Brad had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Before finding out this information, he was involved in a car accident and rolled his car twice. Thankfully, he made it out with only minor cuts and bruises. He was taken to the doctor to get scans done to make sure there was no internal damage when they discovered a knot on his thyroid. The doctors did some more testing and found out that it was cancerous, and there was lymph node involvement as well. Luckily, the cancer was found very early on. He had his surgery on December 20th.


This news hasn’t brought down his spirit. He is still goofy and he plans to remain that way. His mother, Sherri Molitor, created a Facebook page called Team Brad. In the group, she is posting updates on Brad and his journey. There are currently over 400 people in this group supporting Brad and his family. 


Brad has always been a fighter and will always remain a fighter. When asked how he felt about the support he’s received he stated that he’s very thankful. “At times, the support can be overwhelming. It’s good to know that people like you.” 


On January 4th, Brad finished his radiation treatment at the Siteman Cancer Center and he rang a bell to celebrate. As far as his healing process goes, he is back at school with high spirits!