Can You Survive Five Nights?

After months of anticipation, the FNAF movie has finally hit theaters.
The Five Nights at Freddys poster shines like a beacon for all fans to see.
The Five Nights at Freddy’s poster shines like a beacon for all fans to see.
Photography, Cadence Schuyler

On August 8, 2014, the first-ever Five Nights at Freddy’s game was released. This game, also known as FNAF, was created by Scott Cawthon. Cawthon’s first game ever realeased was Chipper and Son’s Lumber Co., but FNAF has been much more popular since its release in 2014. In total, Cawthon has made a total of 14 separate games.


The fanbase has even created some of their own spin-offs of the games, including “Five Nights at SpongeBob’s.” As the fanbase is ever-increasing, Universal Studios partnered up with Cawthon to make Five Nights at Freddy’s fir for the silverscreen. The movie was released on October 27th, 2023, and was directed by Emma Tammi.  You can check out the dates or watch the trailer by clicking here.


The movie is based on the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game, the plot of which stars a troubled security guard working the night shift. The guard desparately tries to survive the night with deadly animatronics lurking around every corner. These animatronics include Freddy the bear, Bonnie the bunny, Foxy the fox, Chica the chicken and Carl the cupcake.  Athena Baldi (10) stated “My favorite character was definitely Chica.”


The new movie has a very talented cast, featuring Mattew Lillard, who is known for playing Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Generally, it was a really well-made film and the director did a fantastic job.


 With the release of this highly anticipated film, Herrin High FNAF fans are ecstatic. Hailee Norris (12) vocalized that she was “super excited,” and that she has been waiting for a movie since the game originally came out. She stated, “I hope it includes some of the lore.” 


Many fans across the grades are excited about this film. If you are intrigued, Five Nights at Freddy’s can be viewed in theaters as well as the steaming service Peacock. So, if you’re bored and in the mood for a thriller, I would definitely reccomend giving this movie a shot.

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