Taylor Fitz – The Float Tour

Fitz’s welcomes a Swiftie special.
The All Too Well known Fitz’s displays a new flavor.
The All Too Well known Fitz’s displays a new flavor.
Photography, Aubrey Rash

On October 21st, ironically, a year after the release of Midnights,  myself and my family took a trip to the Labyrinth that is St. Louis, MO. While we were there, we went to Fitz’s Delmar on 6605 Delmar Blvd. 


The restaurant itself sits north of the St. Louis Zoo, and just a few blocks away from Washington University. 


I went to Fitz’s at 3:15, and in less than a minute, we were seated in a blank space. Upon first arrival I noticed an array of posters, all advertising the “Swifties Afterglow” root-beer float. It was described as being the “Shimmery Fitz’s Berry Pom” and topped with “Rainbow Swirl sherbet, whipped cream and berry drizzle”.


Having a Treacherous sweet tooth, and being an avid Taylor Swift fan, I was Bejeweled and couldn’t resist so I ordered the sugar-overload.


After being seated, everyone ordered their respective floats and drinks, and soon enough they were brought to our table.


The “Swifties Afterglow” was exactly what it had been described as and it was Gorgeous. The drink was a soft pink color with a Starlight glitter, and it made the whole place shimmer. The Berry Pom flavor tasted like a sweet strawberry, and was utterly mouthwatering. The top of the drink had a mixture of green, pink and orange sherbet ice cream. To top it all off, there was a heaping pile of whipped cream with a strawberry syrup. 


Fitz’s new “Swifties Afterglow” brings a new State of Grace to local Swifty fans. (Photography, Aubrey Rash)

With any root-beer float, the ice cream was Delicate and melted fast, prompting me to drink it as quickly as possible so it wouldn’t overflow. 


The sherbet tasted just as Timeless as it did when I was little. The float was sweet enough to kill a man, but thankfully we took a Getaway Car and went to the City Museum to Shake it off.  Overall, the float was delicious, I’m rating it an 8/10. This is only due to the fact that nothing can beat the original root-beer float. I will definitely Come Back and enjoy this treat once again. 


All Fitz’s floats are $7.99, which is more expensive than Dairy Queen’s “Taylor’s Version” Blizzard, which is on average about $6 after tax for a large. Dairy Queen is a fast food restaurant so its low prices are to be expected. For the quality of a restaurant that is Fitz’s, the prices are quite reasonable.


Trying this Taylor Swift themed drink was a Wildest Dream and only a Mastermind could have come up with. Call it what you want, but this drink is an experience all Swifties should enjoy.

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