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Alex Estes (12) (right) shows her results after using B. Tan and Cameryn Lawrence (11) (left) shows hers after using Jergens.
Alex Estes (12) (right) shows her results after using B. Tan and Cameryn Lawrence (11) (left) shows hers after using Jergens.
Photography, Madalyn Griffin

Everyone knows what time of year it is when you see 100 different shades of self tan in the halls… It’s homecoming season!  A huge issue that girls face when wanting to execute a perfect tan for formal events is trying to find a good brand of self tanner that complements their skin undertone, and it can be completely overwhelming. It’s one of those problems that can take a lot of trial and error, and a lot of embarrassment when the tan comes out completely orange and splotchy. So, we decided to compare two very well known self tanners known as B. Tan and Jergens.  


One very important fact that you need to know about a self tan before purchasing one, is the tone of the self tanner. Self tans can come in many different shades, tones, and colors. These can include the violet tone, a green tone, and the very popular orange tone. The two self tanners we will be comparing have a violet based tone (B.Tan) and the orange tone (Jergens). 


While self tanning, you also need to purchase a self tanning glove to achieve a more flawless looking tan with less splotches. When applying the tan, it is also good to have a soft, lotion base so that the product can blend evenly. The self-tans purchased for this review are both foam based, and labeled as easy to apply.  Both self tanners were also bought in the lightest shades to accommodate the skin tones being tested on.  


The two different self tans were being tested on Alex Estes (12), and Cameryn Lawrence (11). Both girls shared the common factor of having a naturally light skin tone which made them perfect candidates for this review.  Alex was given B.Tan in the shade light. She applied the tan without a mit and let it sit for around 8 hours.  Alex claims, “I saw a good difference within an hour and it was not streaky.” She also says that it has a good smell, with a good undertone. Estes rated B.Tan  a 9/10 and said that she would definitely purchase this product again.  Lawrence was given Jergens in the shade light, and applied it with a self tan glove.  She claims, “I did not see a difference for around 8 hours, and it had a very bad smell.” She also noted that the self tan could be much darker for the level that it was. Lawrence rated the Jergens self tan a 5/10, and would not recommend nor buy this product in store.  From the reviews and trials of these self tanning products, B.Tan seems to be the better choice if you’re looking for a reliable self tan for your homecoming festivities!

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