A Walk Through Hokas

Hokas are the new it-shoe, but why?
Hokas make you run faster than lightning.
Hokas make you run faster than lightning.
Photography, Ryleigh Pitman

Shoes are one of the most important parts of a person’s everyday life and outfit. Hokas have lately been praised as the most comfortable shoes ever. All ages around the world have been wearing Hokas for running and walking long distances but also as a fashion statement. Hokas come in a variety of colors and they are all built for different purposes. They are made for things such as running, walking, hiking, and arch support– it just varies according to what you’re looking for. Many runners are more concerned with performance rather than style or brand, but most are showing that they prefer Hokas all-around.


However these shoes aren’t for everyone. Hokas have a lot of positive reviews. People find them to be very fashionable. Many also like them because of how comfortable they are, and how much cushion and support they have. Saylor Ray (11) stated that “they are extraordinarily comfortable.” Ray also said that she “highly recommends them,” and there is nothing she doesn’t like about them. For being such bulky shoes, they are very lightweight, which makes it enjoyable to run and/or walk long distances in.


 On the other hand, one of the biggest complaints about Hokas is the price. Hokas are definitely not the cheapest running shoe on the market, but they are specially designed for comfort and stability. Some runners complain about the supportive sole that is built into all Hokas, as it could become a safety hazard while running because it is so large and bulky. 


Shoes are probably the most important part of a person’s outfit, as it determines their comfort when moving in any capacity. Hokas aren’t for everyone, but they sure are fashionable as well as comfortable for runners.

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    davidSep 14, 2023 at 1:34 pm

    I’m going to buy these shoes now because of you to make me a better tennis player so we can beat maredith and stephanie next time when we play doubles! such a great writer❤️❤️