A New Era in the Monarchy


Photography, BBC

A couple of days ago, tragedy struck as the news of the queen’s death arose to the public. We got a hold of some faculty members on the matter of the Queen’s saddened passing.


 When asked about his first thought on the news, Mr. Howard said he saw it coming; he stated, “I saw that she was sick, then after that I assumed she wasn’t gonna make it.” Another faculty member, Ms. Hickman, giving her opinion on her first thoughts of the death, said, “It’s the end of an era, and even though it was inevitable, it was still a shock.” 


The news of the Queen’s passing impacted a lot of people, even some Americans. It seemed like she was going to live forever, but when it finally happened, it was shocking. When asked about what will happen to England with Charles now in charge, Mr. Howard and Ms. Hickman both had a positive outlook. Mr. Howard said: “Charles is going to be a good king. I think they’re going to become a republic and The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will remain monarchies.” Ms. Hickmans statement on the matter was, “It will stay the same, their role is somewhat ceremonial, and I want him to keep the traditions his mother set in place.” 


While most people are concerned about the change, Charles is well enough prepared to rule England, as his whole life has been devoted to molding him into the next ruler. Some believe that England will not change at all, although the citizens of England may not favor Charles. 


We then asked how they thought the people of England would adjust to their new King. Mr. Howard told us he thought it would be, “A lot better than the Americans.…The last 20 years have helped them like Charles. He is the most prepared King in English history.” Ms. Hickman provided a good point in her response saying “Most of the population has never known another monarch, and even if their day to day life is not impacted, there will be a different atmosphere.” 


Queen Elizabeth’s death was news around the world as her 70 year reign came to an end. It was a truly sad and heartbreaking day for England and even ordinary Americans.