Keeping Down With The Mats

“If you’re afraid to fail, you’ll never succeed.” – Dan Gable


Photography, Leyten Earl

There are so many events happening throughout these coming weeks along with wrestling. You may be asking yourself “well what am I missing out on?” Recently, I had the chance to sit around and talk to wrestling member Yeshua Zayas(12). When asked about his favorite moment of this year’s wrestling season, Zayas stated, “Getting my first win, I felt like I was relieved but practiced hard and got the win.” An impactful moment for Zayas in his first and only year wrestling at HHS. I also got to sit down with wrestling coach Mr. Kelsey Lewis, when asked the same question he gave his opinion saying, “Watching the kids improve from match to match was my favorite moment.” As the wrestling athletes’ skills improved individually, so did their teamwork.


“Yes I knew we would struggle as a team but individually we have been pretty successful,” stated Lewis when asked if the season is going as he had anticipated thus far. Zayas(12) agreed with Lewis adding on, “It’s going well.” From the looks of it, our tiger wrestlers are having quite a fun and enjoyable season individually. The team on the other hand as a whole has won a total of 8 games out of the 31 played in the season. Their team is 8-23 so far but as for individuals, Blue Bishop(11) is a returning state place winner as he placed 6th last year. This year he has a record of 36-1, while the next highest is Aaron Ragsdale(11) with a record of 21-9 so far. Individually, the wrestlers are having a spectacular season for themselves.   


Wrestling at HHS is an exciting sport to partake in if you would want to get into HHS sports. Many enjoy the experience, and live for the adrenaline of winning against another student. Lewis recommends wrestling to anyone in our school. “Yes, I would encourage every student, man, woman, any kind, it doesn’t matter I’ll take them all!” Along with Lewis, Zayas agreed stating, “yeah, it’s pretty fun, I suggest that you get out there but be safe and remember to practice hard.” All in all, the experience of wrestling at HHS seems like a good time, so get out there and support the Tigers!