Swinging into the Season


After a period that has lasted too long, all of the athletic teams at Herrin High are eager to play their normal seasons. HHS’s boys and girls golf teams are jumping into their seasons with renewed excitement. 


Although the girls team has faced some tough opponents, they’re still putting their all into the game. At the last home match, Falyn Ladd, a senior, received a first place medal with a score of 45. Falyn, along with most Herrin students, hopes to finish out her senior year with no interruptions. Through these tough times the team continues to work together. In an interview with Falyn she says, “we all support each other and help with anything anyone else on the team might need.” As the team practices on perfecting their skills, they are looking forward to sectionals and state that will conclude their season.


As the boys team begins their season, they continue to have a positive outlook on their standing so far. “My hopes for this year were that we can do decent as a team of new people,” said senior Leo Preston positively. The boys have a strong dynamic coming into the season and will carry on the season with high spirits.


Keep an eye out as these teams continue their seasons!