The Tiger Football Team Kicks Off a Great Season

The football team prepares themselves for this year’s season.
The football team defends the Tiger Territory.
The football team defends the Tiger Territory.
Photography, Mads LaBotte

September is finally here, and we are now entering the heart of football season. This year, both the players and the coaches have high spirits and determination for the upcoming season. Last Saturday (08/26), the Herrin Tigers kicked off the 2023 football season with a tough match up against the Marion Wildcats.


The game went well for the first half, and the Tigers kept up with the Wildcats, but as the fourth quarter neared, the Wildcats gained a larger lead, and ultimately won the game. Coach Taylor Perry agreed that the Tigers got off to a good start, and held the Wildcats for a majority of the game. Perry stated “the big difference between Herrin and Marion is that they have more numbers than we do– even though I think we’re just as talented.” The Wildcats, strong in their player count, were able to switch out their players in order to conserve energy. The Tigers, unfortunately, did not have that ability. Perry, feeling like the Tigers started making mental mistakes, stated “I feel like we just beat ourselves, really.” 


Jaytn Hobson (9) thinks that loss can be a good thing, as it “motivates [him] in a way, and it makes [him] push [his] limits and work harder.” With the hard work that he plans to put in, Hobson believes that he can go somewhere with football, and he is excited for the rest of the season. Jonathan Harrison (12) concurred, saying that it helps them “move on to the next week and win.”


On the topic of the upcoming games, Perry said that “As long as we stay healthy, I think we’re on track to be better than we were the past two years, and we can be competitive against the majority of our schedule.” This outlook was not exclusive to only the coach, though. The team members agree wholeheartedly.


This season, Hobson is looking forward to a “good team, good sportsmanship, and better understanding [his] teammates.” Perry claims that he is ready for the “relationship building and mentoring aspect,” and Harrison emphasized that “We play so the fans can enjoy watching, especially those who didn’t get to play sports in highschool.” Harrison, however, said he was most excited for Senior Night.


The shared dream between the coach and his players is to make the playoffs. Perry’s goals are for this group “to set the groundwork for the next generations of football teams,” and give everyone in high school a chance to experience the playoffs– students and all. Harrison and Hobson nodded along, and Hobson said “My goals are to play varsity, and to get better, because I really want to go to the playoffs.” 


Hobson stated that loud fans and motivation from his peers gets him fired up, and ready for the game. Harrison also said that most of their energy is fueled by the student section: “If the student section is loud, we play better.” So, if you’re interested in supporting Herrin Tiger Football and taking part in our Loud Crowd, you can find the schedule on the Herrin Athletics page, as well as the themes in our very own hallways. Come show your Tiger Pride this season!

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