Fashion 411: 2020

Fashion is already on a roll in the new decade!

“1920’s hairstyles hitting mainstream? We could only hope!”


“1920’s hairstyles hitting mainstream? We could only hope!”

Here we are folks, a brand spankin’ new decade full of new beginnings, new ideas, and new fashion trends in the making. It is all so exciting and wonderful! The 20s hold so much potential for so many wacky and thought out ways of expressing oneself, and I want to cover them all in this article, but it is literally impossible! Let’s talk about the most apparent movements in fashion right now and how they are changing our year already, and starting this decade out the right foot.


This year marks 100 years of women’s radical shift from modesty to freedom of sexual expression through clothing. Corsets were left behind, hem lines grew higher, and makeup became more harsh and dark. Women were finally starting to feel more free to be themselves, and it showed. The world was seeing ads in the tabloids with racy pictures of a woman’s bare leg or maybe even a slight slip of the shoulder. This was the starting of true fashion evolution. Now, 100 years later we are starting to see a few things of the 1920s make their way into the limelight again. Girls all over our nation are bobbing their hair and getting bangs. I myself have fixed my hair with very blunt, straight across bangs and a bobbed haircut. Maxi skirts of the 20-teens have left the picture, and right below the knee skirts are the way to go. Makeup has already made a slight shift, becoming more rounded and lined out. Its delightful to see some trends of the art deco period come back up to the surface, and I can’t wait to see what else comes with it. 


 Though I am sad to say, I have to bring up the “Rawring” 20s… It is a play on words. “The Roaring 20s” is a well known name for the years 1920 to 1929. Scene kids of the early 2000s just can’t seem to leave some things in the past and want to call this decade the “Rawring 20s XD”. 


You may say, “Well Aaron, you do state that fashion will always repeat itself”. 


Yes, you are right, I do say that, but I mean fashion that should be repeated. 

The swoop bangs, black and white checked belts, and the snake bite lip piercings… is this what some people really want to bring back, rave culture and MySpace? 


This trend is popular within a community of kids who were just coming of age when the Scene Kid Faze was fading out. It is actually incredibly interesting that this trend is cycling its way back into mainstream culture because it is reminiscent of times 100 years ago. MySpace and rawr XD culture are now associated with the rebelliousness of kids against the world that the generation before have laid out for them, and the younger generation of the 1920s did the exact same thing, they showed a form of resistance against fashion norms set by generations before. Though I don’t like the scene kid clothing, I respect that fashion is running its course and its showing other ways of doing it. It’s important to stand back and observe in times like this. 


This year, expect to see less tight, curve-catching silhouettes and more loose fitted clothing. Already on this years spring runways I’ve seen 80s style blazers with large shoulder pads, 70’s inspired floral patterns and huge bowing collars. Every thing on this years runways so far seem to be, oversized and overpriced, so please, when looking at these models and wondering how you can achieve a similar look, remember that vintage clothing is always the first place you should look. Fast fashion is ruining our earth, and the article of clothing you are looking for has definitely been made before. Help save our planet by shopping vintage.


I am definitely looking forward to the fashion curve balls that 2020 is going to throw at the general public, and can’t wait to see more people explore so many aspects of clothing this year. 


Remember, you don’t have to wear what is “in,” wear what you want and be what you want. 


Happy New Year!


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