From Local Competitions to the State Stage: The Journey of a HOSA Member

HOSA members take on state.
HOSA members group together after the awards ceremony.
HOSA members group together after the awards ceremony.
Photography, Shelly Ohms

On March 20th HOSA members would head off to the state. Well what is HOSA, It stands for Health Occupations Students of America. The club is run by Mrs. Ohms she has been running the club since the 2014-2015 school year. Mrs.Ohms states that HOSA offers different opportunities for students in Leadership, Teamwork, Recognition, Health Science tests and Health Profession events which include demonstrating hands-on skills, and Emergency Preparedness events” 

Sophia  Simpkins (12) has been a part of HOSA for the past 3 years. She said that it was a good experience and it was very competitive. Also saying that there was a lot of competition with over 1,500 students there.  Natalie Meneese(11) said that her state experience “was amazing and everyone there was so nice and always had a smile on their face. ” Mrs. Ohms states that she “loves taking the students to compete and helping them to prepare and is always impressed with their dedication and hard work.”

 The spots HOSA members achieved in state are 3rd in Sports Medicine, McKayla Kerrigan(12), and Natalie Meneese(11) won 3rd in both personal care and life support skills. Mads Labotte(12)  would get top 10 in 4 different events and also earned the Illinois HOSA scholarship! Truly amazing work and dedication shown at state. Very extraordinary out of over 1,500 students, Herrin High School did amazing.

HOSA state was a huge success with lots of memories and even earned an amazing experience. Truly a wonderful experience to be a part of. State really taught these members the value of Health occupation. 

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