Disney Vs. Dreamworks

Which animation company has been able to capture the hearts of people around the world?
Two animation companies fight for supremacy in peoples hearts
Two animation companies fight for supremacy in peoples hearts
Photography, Noah Pulley

For many people, the popular animated movies of Disney or Dreamworks Animation were probably a big part of their childhood.  Whether it be The Nightmare Before Christmas or Shrek, most people can remember watching these movies as a child and enjoying every moment of them; but have you ever thought about which one of these animation studios truly makes the better movies and shows?  


Well, as it turns out, many people here at Herrin High have their own opinions on the matter and are eager to share them with us.  We asked 90 different students at Herrin High which they thought was better, Disney, or Dreamworks.  


Overall it would seem the majority of people preferred Disney over Dreamworks.  Now, that isn’t to say that Dreamworks didn’t also have plenty of fans here in our school.   When asked which one of the studios had the better movies 54.5% of people said Disney while the other 45.5% responded that Dreamworks made the better movies.  


This one was fairly close because both studios had their fair share of popular movies such as Disney’s classic The Lion King or Dreamworks Shrek movies.  Now when asked who made the better TV shows, the opinions were a little more one-sided.  71.6% of people stated that they believed Disney had the better TV shows while the other 28.4% of people said that they preferred Dreamworks shows.  


This was most likely because Disney has just made many more shows, many of which are successful.  Dreamworks have some shows of their own, but their focus is mainly on their movies.  


Another factor was that if you take into account the different names Disney owns that gives them an even bigger advantage, especially when it comes to TV shows.  At the end of the day though, it’s all up to your personal opinion.  So what do you think?  Is Disney truly the better company or was this just a fluke, and Dreamworks should be the ones on top?

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