Battle Between Grades

Each grade creates a dream team in order to win the Powderpuff festivities.
The senior team cheers as they collect the Powderpuff trophy for the second year in a row.
The senior team cheers as they collect the Powderpuff trophy for the second year in a row.
Photography, Mads LaBotte

Powderpuff is the first event among the multiple homecoming activities for this upcoming week. Powderpuff is a fun event where students from each grade level volunteer to compete against students from other grade levels to win the competition overall.  


HOSA took over the responsibility of Powderpuff six years ago and added boys volleyball as well. Powderpuff is used as a fundraiser for the HOSA Scholarship given out by Mrs. Ohms to an outstanding HOSA member who goes above and beyond in their journey to become a healthcare professional. 


Most people do not see the technical side of powderpuff and focus on the real catch: the games. 


Boys powderpuff consists of three volleyball games with the first two having one set and the finals having two. The first game this year was between the seniors and the sophomores. The seniors got a quick and clean victory, moving them onto the finals. The game between the freshmen and juniors was intense, but eventually, the juniors came out on top. 


The last volleyball game of the day was between the juniors and the seniors. The seniors were easily able to take a quick win for the first set, but the second proved to be more challenging with the juniors just barely winning. A third set was needed to break the tie, and thankfully, the seniors took home the trophy. 


Luke Hatley (12) was able to provide some charismatic answers to the questions everyone wanted to know the answers to. He describes the competition to be “a cake walk” and his only expectation was “how big [the seniors] wanted to win.”


Junior Rajion Price wished that the team would have come out with a fiercer start and said that they “came out of the gate soft with a lot of mess ups at the beginning.” The juniors, however, are looking forward to another fun-filled year of powderpuff next year and want to take home the win. 


After a fun win for the seniors, fans were ready to watch the next set of games: the football games. 


Girls powderpuff consists of the same concept except with football. The first game consisted of the freshmen and sophomores. After some intense minutes of overtime, the freshmen persevered and won their first game against the juniors. The seniors were able to push out a quick victory against the sophomores and went on to the finals.


However, the most intense game of the day was when the freshman faced off against the seniors, a rare occurrence in powderpuff history. 


Freshman Autumn Estes explains how she was “expecting to have a lot of fun” and how ‌ facing off against her sister was “nerve-wracking but still very fun”. 


The freshmen and seniors battled hard and for what felt like forever, but in the end, the seniors stayed on top, earning their second consecutive win during their Powderpuff high school careers. 


Sophia Camarato was “expecting to win” based on their past experiences; however, Sophia and her teammates definitely sustained some injuries, creating a new definition of “no pain, no game.” Even after the injuries, the girls were very excited to not only win, but win twice in a row. At the end of the day, the seniors took all the gold.


Powder Puff is not only a game to compete in; it is a fun way to get students more involved with homecoming and each other.

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