IDTA State Finals 2023

“In life, winning and losing will both happen. What is never acceptable is quitting.” -Magic Johnson


Photography, Judy Spiller

The dance team poses for picture with their new trophy.

On February 11th 2023, the Herrin Tigerettes and the Herrin High School Flag team competed in the IDTA state finals. 


The flag team had eight routines in total. Diamond Kirk, a senior, placed first with her flag solo and earned a state title. Some people have an enormous amount of nerves while performing, but Diamond, “Didn’t really think while performing, winning kind of just happened.”  She knew what she wanted and went in and took it.


Jenna Sissom, captain of the flag team, placed third with her flag solo.  Along with the senior performances the flag team also had three exhibition routines. These routines included Mia Bangs’s solo and Rylee Rady, Savannah Knnob, and Addison Parker’s trio. Then going at it again, Mia Bangs, Allison Switkouski, and Jenna Sissom performed as a trio together.


The flag team performed two group routines, one tall flag routine to the song “I did something Bad” by Taylor Swift and one Lyrical routine to the song “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles.  They took home an astonishing first for both routines and took two state titles as a whole team.  With all of their winnings they were able to have the fourth highest score out of the whole state competition.


Along with the flag team, the Tigerette dance team also performed at the IDTA State competition with their Pom routine. The dance team gave it their all and came home with a third place trophy. Their routine had a safari theme with senior Adriana Spruell, dressed in a safari guide costume and everyone else in tiger outfits.  


The Herrin High School Flag team went above and beyond at state. In all the flag team took home four trophies including Diamond Kirk’s first place solo that won her a state title and the biggest trophy from their amazing team score. 


The Tigerettes gave all their effort and had an amazing season. Advancing to state was their big goal, and that was achieved by taking home a beautiful third place trophy.


Congratulations to both the flag and dance team on their excellent routines. Also a farewell to seniors Diamond Kirk and Jenna Sissom, who were a huge part of the flag team, along with senior Adriana Spruell, one of the leading roles on the dance team. They spent countless hours devoted to these teams, and will be greatly missed as they move to the next chapter of their lives.

The flag team showing their excitement about their winnings in a quick picture. (Photography, Elisabeth Elliot)