Meet Roque De La Fuente


Photography, Marc Nozell

Roque De La Fuente campaigning for the 2020 presidential election.


Once again, election season is rolling around. The time to vote is just around the corner, meaning it is time to meet our newest candidates running for president in 2020. One candidate on the Republican side is Roque De La Fuente, an American businessman. De La Fuente announced that he would be running for president in the Republican primary on May 16, 2019, noting that he is running to “shed light on issues that will otherwise remain unresolved.”


Born in San Diego, De La Fuente studied at the University of San Diego and Anáhuac University and later became a car salesman, gaining twenty-eight franchises across California. After becoming a successful car salesman, De La Fuente decided to run a presidential campaign in the 2016 election as the Reform Party candidate, along with running-mate Michael Steinberg. Also in 2016, he ran for the Democratic nomination of the Senate election in Florida. Later on, in 2017, De La Fuente ran for Mayor of New York City, losing to opponent Nicole Malliotakis in the Republican primary. In 2018, he began campaigns for Senate in the states of California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wyoming. In January of 2017, De La Fuente declared that he plans to run for the Democratic Party nomination in the presidential election of 2020. After his losses as a Democrat in past elections, he changed his political party and filed as a candidate for the Republican Party. Since then, he has continued to raise and loan money towards his campaign.


As a presidential candidate, De La Fuente has highlighted issues such as healthcare, immigration, the economy, and the environment as focal points in his campaign. He stated that he believes that “healthcare policy should be focused on lowering costs, maintaining or improving care, and opening access.” While speaking on the current economy of the United States, he states that “the government cannot create jobs, but it can influence the economic environment.” He later goes on to say that “we need to rebalance the relationship between regulation, taxation, and economic expansion so that the private sector can create new jobs and attract old ones that have migrated overseas.” Along with these promises, De La Fuente hopes to break down the barriers for future Latino generations.


Roque De La Fuente is running in 2020’s presidential election alongside current President Donald Trump, Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh, and Bill Weld. The Republican Party will hold primary elections across the U.S. leading up to the official presidential election, on November 3, 2020.


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