America “Feels the Bern” After Democratic Demolition

Bernie Sanders showed the nation that a heart attack cannot keep him down for long.


Photography, Tony Dejak

The 12 Democratic candidates line up before the debate

After an electrifying display on stage during the fourth National Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders showed the nation that a heart attack cannot keep him down for long. He found his rhythm, and kept his finger on the pulse of most democrats citing impeachment for the majority of his statements and responses. While that may have been a common stance for all the candidates on stage, Sanders was also able to reference his sentiments on the uninsured/underinsured crisis in this country. 


“But I think that would be a disaster, if the American people believe that all we were doing is taking on Trump and we’re forgetting that 87 million Americans are uninsured or underinsured,” Sanders injected into his response when asked about the possibility of Joe Biden’s conflict of interest over his sons former employment in the Ukraine. Positioning himself after every response as the democratic candidate for the working class in America, he proceeded to push the Medicare For All bill that he authored.


Sanders explained that the bill will help ¨the overwhelming majority of people to save money on their health care bills,” which drew a small cheer from the crowd. “But I do think it is appropriate to acknowledge that taxes will go up,” he injected, in the unrelenting honest tone Bernie has become known for through his years in politics. While many candidates on stage pushed their own beliefs, Sanders was able to stick to his guns regarding the current state of uninsured and underinsured Americans being the people he was fighting for the most.


As the debate drew to a close, Sanders was able to clarify his final thoughts in a simple sentence directed at everyone in the audience. “If we stood together, we could create the greatest health care system in the world,” Bernie remarked in a rebuttal to former Vice-President Joe Biden. Regardless of who the major media outlets portray as the winner, Bernie Sanders has shown to be a firm friend of the American middle-class. The next Democratic National Debate will be held on Wednesday, November 20 somewhere in the great state of Georgia.

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