New Coaches, New Views


Article, Gina Wagley, Writer, PR Manager

The softball girls feel that they have had a successful season so far. The players have been growing as a team under the new direction of Angie Jilek and Stephanie Allen. They have been learning new strategies and adjusting accordingly. They are still in the process of getting their cleats under them with their new coaches.

Ali Paintner, a sophomore on the varsity team, who states that “we haven’t won as many games as I think we should,” believes that it will be a little longer until the team will pull together with Jilek, “but its been a good season so far”.

Molly Childers, a sophomore, also mentions that “we are not winning as much as we would like, but everyone is still working together and enforcing their part the team.”

Molly Childers and Ali come to an agreement when asked how softball has helped them in life. Both stating, softball has brought them closer to their friends and made them all feel like less of a team and more of a family. Ali also says that softball has taught her how to be more understanding when it comes to other people making mistakes.

During the team’s last game on April 25th against Du Quoin, the girls scored two points in the bottom of the first inning, where Ali pitched. The girls collectively scored two more points in the sixth inning, pulling together four points by the end of the seventh inning. Ali says there was “a no hitter until the sixth inning and a shutout until the seventh,”. The ending score was four to three, Herrin taking the win.

Maybe this win will be the start of the upward trend the team has been hoping for.


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