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With a few wins already, the Herrin Girls Bowling team is set up for success this season.
Delaney Restivo (11) throws a shot during practice at Herrin Bowl to perfect her strikes.
Delaney Restivo (11) throws a shot during practice at Herrin Bowl to perfect her strikes.
Photography, Mads LaBotte

With winter sports starting, girls bowing is up next. This team continues time and time again to impress and make Herrin High proud. Coach Hubbard is looking forward to the upcoming season and claims that “the team is full of talent”. With being such an impressive team, they have a total of only 6 students. With such a small number of bowlers but an impressive win rate, what else can these bowlers do?

Bowling has been a part of all these bowlers for quite some time; Mads LaBotte (12) has been bowling since she was three. Mads achieved 11th place at State last year, which is an extremely impressive feat. 

Another senior, Faith Perry-Foster (12), has been bowling for about seven years. She says that she believes the team will make it to State this year and plans to “win more medals”. 

Being able to bowl competitively means that there is a lot of practice involved. Most of the bowlers such as Paisley Vorhes (11) and Avery Fish (9) revealed that the “no-step” and “one-step” drills are their favorite; the drill consists of throwing the ball down the lane without a lot of power, relaxing the arm swing. 

Bowling has consumed most of these bowlers’ lives. The seniors are a huge part of these girls’ lives. Delaney Restivo (11) said she looks up to Mads and believes that Mads is what has influenced her to join and stay on the team.

With bowling matches starting already, the most recent match was against Harrisburg which showed how our bowling team can conquer anything. After a long day of competition, the team won with Sidnee Nelson(10) leading for the day. 

With a great start to the year, everyone is excited for this lucky start. Out of every sport, bowling has the most strange superstitions and reasonings behind that “luck”. Sidnee Nelson (10) comments that “whatever jersey [they] bowl in at tournaments and do well with is the same jersey [they] wear to every tournament”. 

Up next is another set of three matches this week and ending the week with the Belleville Invitational. With a previous history of doing well at this tournament, the girls are excited to go back and conquer the lanes. 

These bowlers should be extremely proud of all that they have completed during their high school years. This season will be the best one yet!

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