Clearing The Field

The Tiger Football season comes to a close.
The football team huddles up.
The football team huddles up.
Photography, Mads LaBotte

This year’s football season is finally coming to a close. It has certainly been interesting, with its own fair share of ups and downs. 


The team experienced a lot of different injuries throughout the season. Many of these injuries would leave different players put out of the game for extended periods of time. One of these players was Noah Mason (12), who told us, “My favorite game was Harrisburg, it was my comeback game from when I had just gotten back from being injured and we won.” 


As it turns out, Masonwould not be the only one who thought Harrisburg was their best game of the season. Both Jonathan Harrison (12) and Ja’kai Vaughn (12) also said that Harrisburg was their best game of the season. Even Coach Perry said that he “was very proud of [the] team’s performance at the Harrisburg game.” Unfortunately not every game went as well as Harrisburg. 


All in all, the football team had a final game score of 4 wins and 6 losses. Although the team had more losses than wins, that has not stopped them from being positive about the situation. The team has expressed nothing but confidence regarding next season. Vaughn stated that he believes “the team is going to win more games next season and have a positive record.” 


The team managed to go 4-2 in conference this year, placing second overall. Coach Perry believes that he and his team were not given a legitimate shot this year because they’ve had “a ton of injuries.” Even so, he does say that he is proud of his team and that he believes that they will do even better next season. Coach Perry also advised any kids who might be thinking about joining the football team to make sure to watch for when workout will start so they don’t fall behind the rest of the team. Although this wasn’t a perfect season for our football team, they stayed positive and are confident in their ability to do better next season.

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