An Essential Upgrade

The Herrin High sound system has been in place for many years, and a much-needed update is finally here.


Photography, Jaci Bethel

Jarret Coleman (12) struggles to hear from the old sound system.

As many know, there have been some problems with the sound system in the Memorial Gym for a while, some even during pep rallies. The constant audio malfunctions, especially when hosting the IDTA Regional Flag and Dance competitions, pushed our very own Mrs. Terri Smith, who was tired of the various issues, to take action. 


In Mrs. Smith’s quest for new technology, she reached out to Chris Parton, who works with the entertainment stages and sound systems for the Kansas City Chiefs football games. She asked him to come take a look at our current facilities and give a quote on how much the new system would cost. Once she received the quote, the next step was to figure out where to get some money from, as she knew it would be pricey. Mrs. Smith decided to reach out to the Julia Harrison Bruce Foundation, which funds and supports many non-profit organizations and schools in the region. 


Nathaniel Wilson, Chris Parton, Terri Smith, and Barbara Jacobs pose with the check. (Photography, Jaci Bethel)

Around two weeks later, Mrs. Smith received an email from Barbara Jacobs, the Vice President and Trust Officer of Bank of Herrin, stating that her request had been approved.  She immediately notified superintendent Mr. Nathaniel Wilson. They shared the joy of the approval, and Mr. Wilson then worked with Mr. Parton to schedule time for delivery and installation of the speakers. Mrs. Smith stated, “I’m just so happy that we will have some of the best equipment to use for so many upcoming events in the gym, and I’m very appreciative of the Harrison Bruce Foundation!”