The War in Ukraine and Its Effect on America


By now, you are probably very aware of the situation going on in our world between Russia and Ukraine. If you are not, here’s a brief rundown. Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched an unprovoked attack on the innocent country of Ukraine in hopes of reviving the Soviet Union territory. Civilians are fleeing, Ukrainian men are having to leave their families to fight for their land, and dangerous landmarks, like Chernobyl, are being captured and surrounded by Russian forces as this is being written.  


Now, what does this have to do with the United States? The biggest thing that will be impacted is most likely going to be the prices of certain goods. Though inflation rates were planned to let up this year, this foreign conflict could set in motion a dramatic rise in the price of important items like groceries and gasoline. Already, places like Illinois, New York, California, and even Hawaii are averaging close to four dollars per gallon as of February 26th.  


The United States previously had foreign relations with Russia, which were considered to be globally significant. Though Russia and Ukraine never had any diplomatic relations leading up to the invasion, the president stated that the United States and Russia relationship was close to being severed and that Putin’s actions brought him close to “a point of no return.”


We can only hope that Ukraine can fend off Russia in this unprovoked foreign war that hopefully will soon be over. Let us also hope we can all live in a world of peace and partnership between all countries.