Nostalgic Flip-Phone Meets Modern Smartphone

The news is true! The iconic Razr Motorola is making a comeback very soon.



The iconic Razr Motorola phone from the early 2000s is making a comeback–now with a touch-screen.

Social media users were caught off-guard after seeing advertisements for it. Adults can remember owning the original Razr phone themselves, or at least seeing others who owned it. Younger teens, however, only have vague memories of family members making calls and sending texts on them. 


When it is opened, it looks as if it is just a common touch-screen phone, but it can be folded shut, which stays true to what was loved the most about it. The uniqueness of the two different styles of phone is what intrigues many. There has only ever been one other phone like this one, the Galaxy Fold. After years of people throwing around the idea of a phone that has the advantages of a modern phone while also allowing users to close the phone like an old flip-phone, the technology is here. If you are someone who enjoys trying out new and different things, this new phone may be good for you to keep in mind.


There are many mixed emotions about the new phone. When flip-phones slowly went out of style, people often expressed how they missed how calls could be ended with attitude, by sassily closing the phone to hang up. However, it would be very difficult to draw people away from buying smartphones. The new Razr can seem to be very appealing due to the fact that it has both of these aspects to it. Two of its biggest competitors will be Apple and Galaxy. iPhone users are typically very loyal to Apple products, and it is very unlikely that they will change their phones that easily, especially considering most apple users are accustomed to Facetime, made for iPhone users.


Will the Razr take back the popularity that it had once before? That is a question that has yet to have been answered, but time will soon show as it is to be released in January.

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