The First Senior Night

Tigers vs Bulldogs


Photography, French Studio

The boys gather together before amping up to win the game.

Friday marked the final regular season home Football game for the Tigers’ 2019 campaign. As is tradition, all seniors involved in fall sports were honored in the opening ceremonies of the game. Tiffany Young (12) addressed the event with “I liked wearing the sash and getting flowers. It made me feel special.” As their names sounded over the speakers, the seniors, along with their families, walked down the track in front of the stands to be recognized by Tiger Nation. Jakob Milani (12) commented on his parents’ reactions by saying “I think my dad cried more than my mom.”


Then, following the national anthem, the Tigers took the field. They spared no time getting on the board, scoring just minutes into the first quarter. They were also quick to add insurance to that early lead, ending the quarter with a score of 35-0. The second was no different, sending the Tigers back to the locker room with a commanding 49-6 lead at halftime. 


Just as the pre-game ceremonies were extra special and somewhat emotional, the halftime festivities were no different. After a performance by the dance team, the band took to the field and played two songs from the work of famed film composer, John Williams. Then, possibly most emotional of all, cancer survivors were honored and recognized as the halftime ceremonies drew to a close. 


Finally, the action on the field continued. The Tigers, led by the seniors who were honored earlier that evening, finished the fight and downed the Bulldogs by a score of 62-18. For not only the senior Football players, but also the Band, Flag, and Dance members, this may have been their final home game, but the Tigers’ playoff hopes are still alive. Who knows? Maybe the seniors will get one more game at “The Graveyard.”


Congratulations to the following Senior Football players: Caleb Roberts, Alex Cogill, Josh Hancock, Jakob Milani, Joey Asher, Parker Cole, Noah Sanders, Brylan Mezo, Ian Nantz, Matthew Brandon, Thomas Rock, Caleb Stein, Darian Anthony, Zach Spruell, Reice Hartline, Jake Baumgarte, Brandon Anthony, Cameron Damico, Chance Karnes, Dylan Cripps, and Luke LeQuatte.


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