Understanding Cross Country

Certain individuals are pulled to face the challenge


Photography, Charli Elliott

Madison Varner (10) sticking with the pack at the West Frankfort Invite on September 12th.

The Herrin High School Cross Country Team participates in a very physically demanding sport.

This fact seems to turn people away from the activity. For some reason, certain individuals are pulled to face the challenge. It is likely that others would be confused by this fact, but it is very normal to be calmed and energized by running in this program. 

Some people are new to this school and are a part of this activity, including freshman Julia Barlow (9). In an interview with Barlow, she talked about why she joined the team. She said she wanted to try something new. The young athlete enjoys cross country as she is able to be a part of the hardworking, supportive group and have a goal to achieve. She believes this is a great way to stay in shape and remain in control of her body.

To be able to keep a steady pace, the runners have to be in tune with their bodies and be aware if something is different with their steps, breathing, posture, and so on. This is why Barlow feels it is extremely beneficial to her as a whole. 

As far as the team goes, Charli Elliott (12) and Ruben Pullum (10) seem to lead the team. They are the first people to place for Herrin in Massac. Pullum placing seventh for the boys with a time of 17 minutes and 28 seconds, and Elliott placing third for the girls with a time of 20 minutes and 44 seconds. This is really a great way for the season to be.

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