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This year’s fishing season is already heating up with a killer win by freshman, Brock Dury and Ryley Calcaterra


Photography, Facebook Fishing Page

Brock Dury (9) and Ryley Callcaterra (9) getting ready for the big match.

This year’s fishing season is already heating up with a killer win by freshman, Brock Dury and Ryley Calcaterra. These two won the 2019 National Youth Fishing Association’s Open Shootout JR. Division. They won with a weight of 8.4 lbs and were the only team to bring the limit of four fish to the scales. They both have been practicing for years, learning what baits to use and where to look for fish. It seems like all that practice has paid off! 


For Brock, this victory wasn’t expected. He explained the feeling before the big win as a mix of anger and disappointment. “I didn’t think we would win, I just went back to the boat to listen to music to try and feel better,” he explained. “I was so surprised when we won,” said Dury with a huge grin on his face. “It was just unbelievable.” 


Dury started fishing with his grandparents at their cabin house when he was very young. “My best times fishing are with my grandma,” he described as he thought over past memories. He talked about how she was full of jokes and is still one of his favorite people to fish with. He also enjoys fishing with other friends, and of course his partner, Ryley. 


Ryley wasn’t as nervous as Brock about the competition. “I was pretty sure we were gonna win,” he stated confidently. He didn’t really feel nervous or anxious, just very chill. For Calcaterra, the serenity of being on the lake is the best part. “My favorite part is the peace and quiet,” he said. When asked he just couldn’t pick a favorite memory of fishing. “They’re all my favorite” he said. It’s all great to Ryley, and that’s exactly why he thinks more people should fish. “It’s just fun,” he said with a small smile.


 A big congratulations is due to these talented anglers. They are both doing a great job representing Herrin and are setting a great example of what hard work, patience, and practice can achieve. Credit is also due to their coach, Chad Parks. “Big thanks to Chad Parks, the greatest coach of all time,” said Brock. Congratulations boys, and good luck in the future! 


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