Pitch Perfect 2017-2018

A Journey Through the School Year of the Singing Tigers


The Herrin High School choir during their WSIL taping this past Christmas season.

Article, Gina Wagley, PR Manager, Writer

The Herrin High School chorus class is directed by Jene Simmons during early bird and first hour. There are thirty-one students in early bird and seventeen in first hour, forty-eight all together.

Chorus students have multiple contests and performances to participate in throughout the school year. During the Christmas season, Mrs. Simmons and her class went to a WSIL taping on the SIU campus. After doing so, the class stopped at numerous nursing homes to spread some Christmas joy to the elderly and the sick by caroling.

The chorus class has many performances coming up. On Februrary 16th, both classes will go to the Herrin Elementary School, along with the band and a few other clubs (art club, Spanish club, etc,) for Fine Arts Day. Next on their agenda is Senior Night, February 20th. On this night, both classes will come together to pay tribute to our country by singing The National Anthem before the game begins.

IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest will be held at Benton High School this year. In preparation for this competition, students from both classes will select a piece of music to learn and perform for the judges on March 3rd. They will be judged on everything from diction, to breath control, to posture.

Along with being beneficial to students as they begin their music journeys, it is also fun to learn new music and perform and grow with friends that have the same passion.

The last competition Mrs. Simmons  has plans to participate in this school year is IHSA Organizational. The difference between Solo and Ensemble and Organizational would be that during Solo and Ensemble, the students choose their piece of music and learn it on their own time; during Organizational contest, Mrs. Simmons selects choral arrangements that she see fit for her choir.

On April 13th in Nashville, Illinois at the Nashville High School, early bird and first hour will join each other again and come together to preform three chosen pieces. This year, Mrs. Simmons has chosen “Somo 150”, “Shishoni Love Song”, and “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. The choir will be accompanied by Laura Trummer.

Mrs. Simmons is pleased with the “progression and liveliness” of her students and could not be more satisfied with how the year is going so far.